Revista Romana de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XI, Nr. 1-2/2015

On-line edition: December 28, 2015
Printed edition: December 28, 2015


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Foaia de titlu / Cover 2



Olena V. Smyntyna, Late Mesolithic site of Zaliznychne in the light of recent hypotheses of neolithisation of North-Western Pontic region

Received: 5.08.2015
Accepted: 1.09.2015

Cerasela Dobrinescu, Points of view regarding the origin of the Lipovan ethnonym

Received: 14.03.2015
Accepted: 7.04.2015

Sebile Kutgün Kayaduman, Giovanni Patriarca, Giving Shapes to the Future. A Brief History of Educational Policies from the Ottoman Rule to Contempoary Turkey

Received: 8.05.2015
Accepted: 25.05.2015

Ligia Dima, “Buna Vestire” Church in Tulcea – 160 years of existence

Received: 4.11.2015
Accepted: 25.11.2015

Enache Tuşa, Social history and Aromanian identity in oral presentations

Received: 3.11.2015
Accepted: 24.11.2015

Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Ecaterina Teodoroiu, a Symbol for Romanian People

Received: 14.06.2015
Accepted: 7.07.2015

Cristi Pantelimon, Vasile Gherasim and the Spiritual Eurasia

Received: 14.06.2015
Accepted: 7.07.2015

Gherghina Boda, European Charters for the restoration of historic monuments adopted between 1931-1964

Received: 22.11.2015
Accepted: 14.12.2015

Daniel Flaut, The state of the Tulcea market in the autumn of 1943 in National Bank of Romania reports

Received: 10.09.2015
Accepted: 1.10.2015

Dumitru-Cătălin Rogojanu, Political violence and Communist dictatorial regimes

Received: 22.11.2015
Accepted: 15.12.2015

Irina Armianu, The Romanian dimension of existence and the French model

Received: 15.07.2015
Accepted: 14.08.2015

Lavinia Dumitraşcu, Romanian politicians connected with the development of the relations between Romania and Colombia (1965-1989)

Received: 27.11.2015
Accepted: 17.12.2015

Iulia Anghel, East European borders symptomatology – economic and political implications of contemporary geopolitical cleavages

Received: 15.07.2015
Accepted: 6.08.2015

Central and East Asia

Andreea Cristina Pelelungă, From the backstage of diplomatic relations Romania and Afghanistan (1958-1973)

Received: 8.11.2015
Accepted: 30.11.2015

Emy-Maria Mogoș, The position of the Communist Party of China towards the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the European socialist countries after the 20th Congress of the Soviet Union Communist Party

Received: 30.06.2015
Accepted: 22.07.2015

South Asia

Mihaela Ivănescu, Corina-Elena Radu, Evolutions of women’s leadership and human rights in Pakistan. From isolation to participation

Received: 29.11.2015
Accepted: 21.12.2015

Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Consonant cluster combinations in Hadoti

Received: 4.08.2015
Accepted: 1.09.2015

Note bibliografice / Reviews


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