Revista Romana de Studii Eurasiatice, Anul XIII, Nr. 1-2/2017


1) Enache Tuşa, Some considerations about sociological research in Balkan societies

2) Andreea Lăpădat, Political structures and representative institutions in the Eurasian space

3) Radu Carp, Evolution of research on cross-border minorities. Comparative analysis: Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine

4) Florin Muller, Distinction between Parties an Political Society in Interwar Romania

5) Gherghina Boda, Numismatics and oriental heraldry

6) Cătălin Dumitru Rogojanu, Particularities of the propaganda system - theories and models

7) Carmen Escu Muller, Italian corporatism and its implications in Romanian economic thinking

8) Stefan Herechi, The Present Situation of the Armenian Genocide in Turkey

9) Marian Oancea , Youth and education policies - an European model

10) Laura Sînziana Cuciuc Romanescu, Mythical Creatures in Ovidius's Methamorphoses
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