Peer Review Process

In terms of quality, the peer review process is essential. The peer-review process has two steps: Internal Peer Review Process and External Peer Review Process.

Internal Peer Review Process
Each submitted article goes to an editor assigned by the Editorial Board. According to the topic of the article, proper to the topic of the journal or for the choice and presentation of dates contained in the articles, the authenticity and originality and the opinions expressed, the assigned editor decides to send the manuscript to a referee or to reject it. If the paper is rejected, the editor will send to author the reason(s) of rejection.

External Peer Review Process
The assigned editors, upon consulting the editorial board, identify potential reviewers, experts in the field of the submitted article. The choice is based on their expertise in the field, rigor and scientific methodology. Potential reviewers are contacted by the Editorial Board about their availability and interest in reviewing. After their agreement, they will receive the paper and are asked to fill the review form. The deadline for fill the review form is accepted with agreement of both parts, but no longer than 6 weeks. According to the recommendations of reviewers, the article can be accepted, sent back to author for minor revisions, sent back to author to be resubmitted or rejected.

Peer Review form

Guide for completion the Peer-Review form

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